Stockholm Christmas Market

Stockholm Christmas Market
The Old Town Christmas Market is the best known and longest-running Christmas market in the capital of Sweden. It is held in the city’s old town called Gamla stan. The market takes place in Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm, in front of the Stock Exchange Building (Börshuset). As a rule, the market opens in the third decade of November and lasts almost until Christmas Eve.

The Old Town Christmas market descends from Stockholm’s traditional medieval markets. The Stockholm Christmas market in its contemporary form originated in 1837. It has been held annually ever since, with the exception of the period 1907–1914. This makes the Christmas market in Gamla stan the oldest Christmas market in Sweden and one of the oldest events of its kind in Europe.

At the Old Town Christmas market in Stockholm, there are several dozen decorated stalls and booths where you can find a wide range of unique Swedish goods and Christmas treats, including traditional Christmas sweets and pastries, handmade knitted caps, handicrafts and decorative arts, beautiful Christmas decorations, local souvenirs, handmade toys, and more. It is worth noting that all goods are sold by local artisans and entrepreneurs who want to provide visitors with a wide range of traditional Swedish products, focusing on unique items and handicraft.

Food stalls offer traditional Swedish foods such as ginger cookies (pepparkaka), waffles, marzipan, smoked sausages, smoked venison and elk meat, head cheese (sylta), Yule ham (julskinka), Christmas toffee (knäck), and more. Glögg (Nordic mulled wine) will keep you warm. Another traditional Christmas beverage served at the market is mumma. It is made with a mix of dark and light beer, port wine, sweet soda, and spiced with cardamom.

As far as entertainment is concerned, the Stockholm Christmas market has plenty to offer. Its program features live performances, various activities for children, fairground rides, games and contests. One of the market’s major attractions is its Living Advent Calendar. It runs every evening from December 1 to 24. At 6 pm promptly, a different window is opened in one of the buildings in Stortorget and a 15 minute performance is given to the audience assembled. The window supposed to open on a given day is marked with a banner that has “Här öppnas luckan” written on it. The tradition of the living calendar was inaugurated in 2005.

Alongside the Old Town Christmas market, Stockholm hosts other Christmas markets. They are held in the parks of Djurgården and Kungstradgården, and in front of Rosendal Palace.

Old Town Christmas Market in Stockholm




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