Frederikssund Viking Games

Frederikssund Viking Games
The Frederikssund Viking Games (Frederikssund Vikingespil) is an annual outdoor festival that takes place in the Danish town of Frederikssund, located less than an hour from Copenhagen. Every summer, it attracts thousands of people who want to learn more about Viking culture and see stunning performances and historical reenactments.

The inaugural festival was organized in 1952 by Danish film actor and director Per Buckhøj. Over the years, many prominent Danish actors and directors have taken part in the event, including Poul Reichhardt, Jan Linnebjerg, Pierre Miehe-Renard, Martin Miehe-Renard, Jørgen Buckhøj (the son of Per Buckhøj), Lars Ranthe, and Annie Birgit Garde.

The festival originally focused on outdoor performances, but in 1994 it was expanded to include various activities in a historically correct reconstructed Viking village named the Frederikssund Viking Village. The village is open all year round, functioning as a small open-air museum of Viking history and culture.

The Frederikssund Viking Games is centered around a play inspired by the Viking era and Norse mythology, Every year, a new play is presented to the audience, created specifically for the festival. The great thing about the play is that anyone can become involved in it. You don’t need any acting background to become a part of the Fredrikssung Viking Games. All you need is interest and desire to join the community that creates the performance.

Every year, around 250 adults and children make the festival happen. Those who want to get a major role start auditioning in January, and extras sign up in March or April. The rehearsal season kicks off in May, and the festival itself usually begins in mid-June. People who’re not into acting but still want to be a part of the festival can take up one of the many behind-the-scenes jobs, from creating sets and costumes to keeping things running smoothly.

Alongside performances, the Frederikssund Viking Games offers a three-day Viking market with handmade wares and authentic food, exciting activities for children of all ages, family events, fencing and archery shows, spectacular torchlight processions, and more. The festival gives a unique opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of an authentic Viking village and simply have fun.

Frederikssund Viking Games




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