Singapore National Day Parade

Singapore National Day Parade
The National Day of Singapore is celebrated on August 9. It commemorates the independence of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965. The celebration features the Singapore National Day Parade, Singapore Fireworks Celebration, and Singapore National Day Rally.

The first National Day Parade in Singapore was held on August 9, 1966, one year after the country’s separation from Malaysia. It has taken place every year since then. The parade is held at one of three venues: the Padang (an open playing field in downtown Singapore), the National Stadium, or the Float at Marina Bay (also known as the Marina Bay Floating Platform). In some years, the parade was held at various decentralized sites throughout Singapore.

Although the program and sequence of the Singapore National Day Parade may be modified to suit the venue, major components and the overall flow of the parade haven’t changed much over the past five decades. The parade is typically preceded by mass displays, school band and choir performances, parachuting displays, and other entertainment.

Participants of the National Day Parade include members of the country’s Armed Forces, Police Force, Civil Defense Force, as well as representatives of the People’s Action Party (the ruling party of Singapore), various labor unions, businesses, youth groups, etc. The three arms of the Singapore Armed Forces make up the Guard-of-Honor contingents of the parade and the rest of the participants form the supporting contingents. Sometimes the parade also features a mobile column (venue permitting).

The Parade Regimental Sergeant Major forms up the parade and hands over the command to the Parade Commander. The Parade Commander waits for the members of Parliament, members of the Cabinet, the Prime Minister and the President to arrive. Then the Parade Commander calls for a full salute accompanied by the national anthem. The President inspects the parade and gives his permission to proceed with the City Marchpast.

The ceremony and marchpast are followed by a spectacular show that features several acts, including a multimedia show, and culminates with a grand finale. The finale usually features the National Day Parade Theme Song of the year and a fireworks display. The parade and show are followed by post-parade parties featuring celebrity acts.

In 2020, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Singapore National Day Parade

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