Festival of the Stomach and Normandy Gastronomy

Festival of the Stomach and Normandy Gastronomy
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Normandy is known for its famous gastronomy. Its cuisine is unique and incomparable, and it has its own specialties, including calvados, ciders and Pommeau. And every autumn the citizens and tourist of Rouen celebrate the Festival of the Stomach and Normandy Gastronomy (Fête du ventre et de la gastronomie normande).

They say, that this festival is celebrated in Rouen since 1935, but the locals think, that it’s not less than 500 years old. We’re not going to dwell upon the history of this festival, and instead of that plunge into its tasty events.

The festival is all about the Normandy gastronomy, that is well known around France for its special and exotic tastes, that the local chefs could add to traditional meals. This festival is the best place to go for all foodies and gourmets, since numerous chefs working in the best restaurants treat with local Normandy specialties. Also the visitors of the festival get the chance to participate in apples tasting.

The program of the festival isn’t only about food consumption. It’s also full of other events, that will let you enjoy the feast. Everyone can attend cooking demonstrations, where famous chefs will tell and show how to make cider and home-made cottage cheese, how to bake apple pie and open oysters. The number of demonstrations is unlimited.

The Festival of the Stomach and Normandy Gastronomy is a great event for the whole family. While parents enjoy demonstrations, children can find many activities for them, including pony rides, face painting and different games. Everyone can attend small farm animals presentation and enjoy theater performances with actors acting in traditional costumes. The visitors of the festival also get an opportunity to buy fresh and the best vegetables, fruit and cheese direct from local producers and farmers.

Festival of the Stomach and Normandy Gastronomy




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