O Grove Seafood Festival

O Grove Seafood Festival
The economy of a little town of O Grove, Galicia, Spain, stands on two main pillars: fishing and tourism. And the combination of both makes it possible to celebrate an annual O Grove Seafood Festival, that is one of the best known events in Spain.

O Grove is known as an excellent destination for the tourists looking for great beaches, warm water, and rich marine life. The town has got many hotels and campsites for the tourists with any tastes. And if we’re talking about tasting the Galician cuisine, then you can hardly find the better place then O Grove, because it’s famous for its festival dedicated to seafood.

The O Grove Seafood Festival (Fiesta del marisco de O Grove) annually attracts thousands of visitors from neighboring cities of Spain and other countries, who want to indulge into traditional Galician dishes. Seafood, fish, oysters, and scallops are used to cook the most exquisite dishes, that are served from morning to night at a frantic pace.

Tasting delicious meals is just one of the parts of the festival, however, every stomach needs some rest, that’s why the other events and activities are designed to entertain the visitors. The music is playing all days long and everyone is welcomed to join the dances. And if you’re looking for some intellectual events, then you should watch cooking demonstrations. Prominent chefs share the secrets of cooking the most delicious meals and also show how to peel seafood correctly.

The highlight of the O Grove Seafood Festival is the award ceremony for the Golden Spider Crabs (Centollos de Oro). These four awards are given by the town council to individuals for their service to the wellbeing of the town. Other not less interesting events that are loved by the tourists include regatta and street performances.

O Grove Seafood Festival




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