Montelago Celtic Festival

Montelago Celtic Festival
The Montelago Celtic Festival is an annual festival that celebrates Celtic culture via Celtic music, dance, art, food, and other mediums. The festival takes place in the commune of Serravalle di Chienti, Marche, Italy. It is organized by Arte Nomade in collaboration with a number of partners and sponsors.

The Montelago Celtic Festival was founded in 2002 and has been held every summer since. The festival is set in the fictional enchanted city of Montelago. The festival grounds include several locations, such as the main stage, Mortimer Pub, the Tolkien Tent, Montelago Square with a collection of shops, music gazebos, Historic Encampment, the Ancient Crafts Tent, the Avalon Arena, the Celtic Market, etc. Each location offers exciting activities for attendees of all ages, bringing Celtic culture closer to a wide and diverse audience.

The Celtic Market is one of the highlights of the Montelago Celtic Festival. Here you can find an impressive selection of handmade crafts, ranging from Celtic- and fantasy-inspired goods to traditional medieval drinks. The market features over 70 stands whose owners come from all over Italy and in some cases even abroad. They offer all kinds of products, including leatherware, metalware, pottery and ceramics, glass items, wood carvings, clothes and shoes, jewelry and accessories, and more.

Alongside the Celtic Market, the Montelago Celtic Festival offers a rich and diverse entertainment program that includes performances, presentations, storytelling, discussions and debates, bonfires, workshops and demonstrations, sports events, and even Celtic weddings. There’s something here for everyone, and it’s simply impossible to get bored while you’re here!

All workshops are hosted by the so-called academies: the Music Academy, the Academy of Historic Archery and Ancient Fencing, the Academy of Falconry, the Academy of Dance, and the Academy of Crafts. They provide introductory-level courses, enabling festival goers to experience Celtic culture and to learn new and exciting things.

The Montelago Celtic Festival also hosts the European Celtic Contest in collaboration with other Italian Celtic festivals. It is open to emerging artists from the European folk scene. The winner gets a chance to perform at the next Montelago Celtic Festivals and to record a single.

Montelago Celtic Festival

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