Taste of Roma

Taste of Roma
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The capital of Italy attracts millions of tourists all year long, but if you’re a real gourmet, then you should plan your visit for September, because it’s the month of the Taste of Roma festival. This festival is annually held in the mid of September and it’s one of the Taste Festivals, that are spread around the globe.

Italian cuisine is well known for its iconic dishes: pizza, ravioli, pasta, bruschetta, tiramisu and semifreddo to name a few. And while these dishes are well known around the world, Italy still has got plenty of surprises for those, who think they know Italian cuisine. And if you visit the Taste of Roma festival, you will really see that.

The main idea of the festival is to give all attendees an opportunity to try the best Italian meals for a small price. Each participating restaurant prepares its own menu with three of four gourmet dishes in it. The price for the meal ranges from 5 up to 7 EUR, however, if you want to try an iconic dish, you will have to pay 10 EUR.

The festival Taste of Roma is not only about eating food. There are about 100 events that will help you learn Italian cuisine much better. The most known and interesting for the visitors events include the Electrolux Chefs’ Secrets, that suggests everyone attending cooking demonstrations and gathering the tips and techniques the best Italian chefs are going to share. During the show the visitors will be able to cook together with the chefs and look at the most innovative cooking methods. Prior booking is required to visit the show.

The Electrolux Taste Theater is another cooking show. Unlike the Chefs’ Secrets, this show is open for everyone, however, it’s more about demonstration rather then about teaching. During 30 minutes prominent chefs demonstrate, how they cook different meals. The meals are really simple, but it’s an opportunity to know how to make them look and taste as at the restaurants.

If you want to wake your inner gourmet, then attend the Blind Taste. You won't see the food that you eat, and you have to recognize it only by smell and taste. And when your eyes are closed, you find out that your food is tastier than ever.

Taste of Roma




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