Great Plains Renaissance & Scottish Festival

Great Plains Renaissance & Scottish Festival
The Great Plains Renaissance Festival is a biannual Renaissance fair held every April and September in Wichita, Kansas. Unlike most Renaissance festivals that are set during the Elizabethan era, this one is set around 1300 A.D.

A Renaissance fair is an outdoor weekend gathering recreating a historical setting (sometimes with fantasy elements) for the amusement of its guests. Many Renaissance fairs are held every weekend during two or three months, but the Great Plains Renaissance Festival is an exception. It is a weekend-long event that takes place twice a year, in mid-April and in mid-September.

Founded in 2004, the Great Plains Renaissance Festival is one of the most exciting Renaissance-themed events in Kansas. Here you will find jests and jousts, knaves and knights, blacksmiths and bagpipes, fairies, pirates, fire breathers, and more. There’s something here for everyone!

The festival programming is packed full with exciting activities and entertainment. The patrons of the festival have a chance to watch the very best musicians, dancers, juggles and fire breathers perform on several stages. Skilled knights battle for the honor of their lady fair, royal falconers fly birds of prey – in other words, something exciting is happening every second of the festival.

Some of the most exciting events and activities at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival include Joust Evolution that allows to experience the thrill of medieval combat, Raptors Keep with informative and entertaining shows featuring birds of prey, photo ops with Herr Karl and his company of medieval knights, breathtaking performances, unicorn rides, folk music, pirate, viking and musketeer encampments, parades, special activities for children, and more!

Twice year, some of the best artisans and vendors from the local area and out of state come to the Great Plains Renaissance Festival and bring a great variety of products, services, and food. At the marketplace, you can buy amazing jewelry, artwork, swords and shields, costumes, books, musical instruments, and other items. And if you get hungry, there are delicious turkey legs and other period-inspired dishes waiting for you.

A unique feature of the Great Plains Renaissance Festival is the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion. It brings together Kansas authors of all types, from award-winning writers to self-published authors, who write in all sorts of genres, giving them an opportunity to exchange ideas, meet their fans, find new readers, and simply have fun.

Finally, a lot of adult festival-goers attend Pirate Smoker. It’s an adult comedy show where you can see acts and jokes that can’t be seen on the rest of the festival stages. No one aged under 18 is allowed to attend, and to purchase a beer (Pirate Smoker is the only place at the festival where alcohol is available) you need to be 21 or older.

Great Plains Renaissance Festival

Photo: Sir Arthur Kidley




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