National Apple Festival in Argentina

National Apple Festival in Argentina
The Argentine city of General Roca, Río Negro is a major agricultural center, with the main crops being apples and pears. The city even hosts the annual National Apple Festival that draws thousands of tourists from all over Argentina and abroad.

The National Apple Festival in General Roca dates back to the 1940s, when various harvest festivals were held in the region to honor local gardeners. The Apple Festival was officially established by a provincial law in 1964 and declared a national festival by a national decree in 1966.

The inaugural festival began on March 26, 1966. The first day of the festivities featured a stained glass contest, a car parade, and a party with musical performances. Unfortunately, the festival was interrupted by a flood that caused many fatalities and great material damage. Two months later, on May 28, the festivities resumed with a parade of floats and the election of the Apple Queen.

For the first few years, the National Apple Festival was held in various towns and cities in Río Negro Province. General Roca has been the permanent host city since 1969. Since then, the festival has grown from a relatively modest local agricultural event to one of Argentine’s most popular festivals.

The National Apple Festival in General Roca features stalls offering locally grown apples and other produce, amusement rides, various contests such as The Biggest Apple and The Heaviest Apple, sports events, and several stages for live performances. Over the years, the festival has welcomed numerous artists and bands from Argentine and abroad, including Julieta Venegas, Molotov, Diego Torres, Christian Castro, Mercedes Sosa, Dividios, Chayanne, Las Pelotas, Catupecu Machu, and others.

The highlights of the festival are the gala dinner held before the main event, the election and crowning of the National Apple Queen and two princesses, and the closing fireworks display.

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