Company registration in the UAE: investments and business opportunities

Company registration in the UAE: investments and business opportunitiesThere are many options suitable for international companies seeking to open a business in the UAE. In addition to establishing trade relations through commercial agencies, for many companies there are obvious advantages in direct presence by registering a company in the country. This simplifies the study of market prospects, allows to establish contacts, cooperate with customers and study any transactions in detail.

According to the law, a foreign investor has several options for company registration in Dubai:

  •        Create an enterprise of one of seven existing various types.
  •        Open a branch or representative office.
  •        Company registration in the UAE free zones.
  •        Creation of a Professional Partnership (Civil Company) (available only in Sharjah and Dubai).

Limited Liability Company (LLC) companies are most often used by foreign investors. The Federal Law on Companies provides that the total national block of shares must be at least 51% in any commercial local company.

Company registration in one of the free zones

Free zones contain financial incentives to register a company in the UAE and are very beneficial for manufacturing and trading industries. They are primarily focused on exemption from all taxes and duties on income. The main incentive programs offered by the UAE free zones:

  •        Possibility of 100% foreign ownership with 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  •        No corporate taxes for 50 years.
  •        No personal income taxes.
  •        There are no customs duties.
  •        There are no currency restrictions.

The UAE has more than 50 free zones, each of which has its own licensing authority. The choice of a free zone for registration depends on the needs of your business. Some zones specialize in a particular type of activity, and some are universal.

For example, Sharjah free zone provides attractive business conditions in almost any field. SAIF (Sharjah Airport International Free Zone) offers a round-the-clock licensing service, which allows you to register and start a company faster than in many other places.

Versatility has always been one of SAIF zone's priorities. When registering a company, an entrepreneur gets the opportunity to use not only office space, but also storage facilities, container platforms, bunkers, etc., all of which are available at the lowest price and the highest quality. The zone has air-conditioned office premises with originally installed furniture, in addition to which secretarial and reception services are provided.

Umm Al Quwain free zone – another perfect option for company registration

Umm Al Quwain free zone (UAQ FTZ) administration makes a lot of efforts to make the process of registering a company in this area quick and easy. The administration provides professional support to clients at all stages of registration and support of companies in an active working condition.

The Umm Al Quwain free zone has an infrastructure that is suitable for companies planning to operate in high-tech business areas. This zone is especially favorable for medium-sized businesses and small businesses. A wide selection of office space, warehouses, and land plots is available for Umm Al Quwain free zone companies.

Companies in this free zone can participate in international trade, can produce their goods and store them in a warehouse for re-export without paying customs duties. Thus, these companies are free to conduct business internationally.

Like companies in other free zones, UAQ FTZ companies can use Dubai's seaports, as well as airports to ship goods, by registering the company at Dubai Customs to receive an import code.