How to Deal with Stress at Work

How to Deal with Stress at WorkIt's almost impossible to avoid stress at work in modern world. You can't be happy if your work isn't pleasant. Unfortunately not everybody can find a job to his or her liking, that's why we don't feel like ourselves and face different problems.

Some people suffer from piles of work, while monotony and routine kill others. There are also those who don't have much to do, but they can't leave their workplaces. All of these cause stress, that influences on workers' health badly. However it's not very difficult to cope with stress at work.

How to be calm in a stressful situation?

There are a lot of reasons for stress at work. Communication with coworkers, boss or clients is the main reason. You can hardly find an office without an annoying coworker, a tyrant boss or a difficult client. If you feel irritation, anxiety and tiredness every time you communicate with such people, try to get rid of stress.

First, you should calm down. Don't respond to offense. Sit down and try to distract yourself from negative emotions. If you don't succeed, go out, find a calm place, close your eyes and think about something pleasant, for example, sea vacation, your pet or hobby. Look in the mirror, straighten shoulders and smile!

Some people believe that eating is a good way to cope with stress. Unfortunately, candies, buns and cakes won't help you get rid of stress. Substitute sweets for nuts, a menthol gum or a cup of black tea with sugar.

Don't miss lunch even if you haven't finished your work. When you are hungry, your mood gets worse and you can't work effectively.

Massage is also a good way to cope with stress and you can do it at your workplace. There are many acupuncture points on your ears. Pressing on them can help ease tension. You should massage your ears with warm hands for not less than 1 min and press on each point for 5 sec.

Don't forget to keep your workplace clean and take away all unnecessary stuff. Try to plan your next work day. Write down all important tasks and think when you will manage to perform them.

When you leave your office, forget about your work. Don't take your corporate cell phone, check your Email or call your clients.

In order to cope with stress at work, switch to something else, but don't watch the news. Negative information that you learn from the news won't let you relax.

Try to follow these simple recommendations and you will deal with stress at work easily!