6 Summer Wedding Dos

6 Summer Wedding DosSummer is the most popular season for weddings, because it's hard not to take advantage of things that it has to offer. So if you're one of the brides who say their “I do” under the scorching sun, you need to remember several summer wedding dos, that will help you organize a perfect wedding.

#1 Do provide heat relief for the guests. Sunny weather has its own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest disadvantage is the heat. And no matter how much you love the sun, it's better to choose morning or early evening hours for your ceremony. And if you're planning to organize it in the afternoon, then think how you can help your guests escape the heat. All outdoor venues have to offer some shade or air-conditioning, also think of scattering decorative baskets with bottles of water near the ceremony site.

#2 Do send save-the-dates. Summer is full of different events, and it's so easy to forget about one of them. Send save-the-dates in advance to your guests, so they can plan traveling and other events.

#3 Do serve light food. Summer is no time for heavy food. Your guest won't appreciate hot meals, so make the food complement the weather. The menu should include fresh fruit and vegetables, like grilled fruit skewers, gazpacho shooters and other tempting appetizers. For dessert consider fruit pies, frozen cocktails and even Popsicles.

#4 Do consider your dress style. Summer is no good time for heavy ball gown, otherwise you will feel sticky and sweaty. Follow the example of many modern brides and choose a wedding gown with shorter skirt. Choose gowns made of a light fabric, like silk, that will let your skin breath. And the groom can choose a crisp linen suit and leather sandals.

#5 Do take advantage of all things that summer has got to offer. Summer is beautiful, and it provides great scenery for good pictures. Marines full of boats, green parks and beautiful blooms: you can use all of them. Considering the flowers, don't use plants that are out of season. Sticking to only in-season flowers will keep your budget in check, since they are not very expensive.

#6 Do think about sun and bug protection. Sunburns are very common in summer, so protect yourself, groom and guests from them. Before getting dressed, apply sunscreen to skin that will be exposed. Also provide sunblock wipes and bug spray for the guests in their bathroom and at the ceremony site. Also make sure that the venue provides citronella candles or something like that to keep bugs off.



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