How to Drink Without Getting Drunk

How to Drink Without Getting DrunkMany people can't resist a few beers or glasses of wine at a party. Unfortunately, not everybody can avoid getting drunk.

Not to drink at all is the easiest way out. However, some people can't have fun without drinking and then suffer from a nasty hangover. Do you know how to drink without getting drunk? Read the following tips on how to drink and not get drunk in order not to disgrace yourself in front of your coworkers, friends or close people.

Keep in mind that you should always eat before drinking. When you drink on an empty stomach, alcohol gets absorbed faster and you won't notice you get drunk. If you know you're going to drink, eat something fatty and caloric beforehand. Light meals won't do.

There is another tip. You can have a tablespoon of olive oil before drinking. It coats the stomach lining and prevents the alcohol absorption. If you can't swallow a spoonful of olive oil, you can try butter. Remember that butter doesn't have a long-term effect. As soon as the butter is broken down, alcohol will get absorbed and you will get intoxicated. Raw eggs produce the same effect. However, some people would rather have a tablespoon of olive oil than a raw egg.

Eat more while drinking. Don't refuse meat, pizza, pasta. Lime and lemon neutralize alcohol, that's why lemon tea helps treat a hangover.

Never mix drinks. If you mix grape and grain drinks, you will not only get drunk fast, but also have a hangover. Be careful when drinking red wine because it causes headache.

Don't smoke while drinking. Combination of nicotine and alcohol makes you get intoxicated faster. The more you smoke during drinking, the tougher your hangover is.

Remember to drink water. Alcohol causes dehydration of your body. Drink still water to help your liver work. You should drink as much water as alcohol if possible. Avoid sweet drinks as sugar accelerates alcohol absorption. Keep in mind that carbonic acid makes you get intoxicated faster, that's why don't drink sparkling water.

Avoid coffee after drinking. Caffeine enhances the effect of alcohol. Drink green tea instead, it will help your body get rid of alcohol faster.

As you see, these recommendations are not difficult to follow. They will help you not get drunk, but don't rely solely on them. Know your limits not to deal with a nasty hangover in the morning. Remember that drinking too much is dangerous to your health.



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