Audrey Hepburn's Style

Audrey Hepburn's StyleAudrey Hepburn's style is feminine, simple, romantic, elegant and ingenious.

You should not copy her style, but try to combine it with your individuality and modern trends. By the way, individuality is one of the main Audrey Hepburn's principles.

It is not because of her beauty but due to her taste and style Audrey Hepburn, the style icon of the 20th century, had been fascinating millions of people. Even at the age of 60 she was still admired.

The Peculiarities of Audrey Hepburn's Style

One of the main actress's principles was simple cut of any piece of clothing. Strict lines, tidiness, femininity are the main postulates of Audrey Hepburn's dresses.

In spite of extreme simplicity extravagance is peculiar to the actress's style. It is achieved due to accessories. At once you recall the massive necklace and long gloves that matched her famous black dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany's”. Even a long cigarette holder was a very important accessory. That is notorious individuality in style appreciated by Audrey so much.

Hepburn could combine colors skillfully. No matter whether you go for a walk or attend a reception, your appearance must be perfect. In some time you will get used to it.

Audrey Hepburn's Clothing

Some pieces of clothing are very indicative of the actress's style, that's why they are a must-have for her style's admirers.

Little black dress. You will look amazing in a little black dress no matter whether you are working or hanging out.

Flat and low heel shoes. It may seem strange but Audrey preferred flat or low heel shoes to high heels. Because they are not only comfortable, but elegant.

Capri pants. Hepburn couldn't help wearing Capris, which are so fashionable today.

Turtleneck. Turtleneck accentuates silhouette and goes with pants, skirts, knitted cardigans, heavy weight sarafans.

Bell-bottomed midiskirt is the most feminine and stylish piece of clothing. And don't forget a narrow belt, which will accentuate your waist.

Huge sunglasses. Dark sunglasses popular owing to Holly Golightly (played by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany's”) will help you to change your appearance completely.

Massive jewelry is also very important. However don't put on much. Do not combine massive earrings with pendants or bracelets.

Light scarves, kerchiefs, wide-brimmed hats, unusual gloves, purses or clutches are other favorite Audrey's accessories.



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