6 Hobbies for Empty Nesters

6 Hobbies for Empty NestersWhen children grow up and leave for college, their parents find themselves having a lot of free time on their hands and developing empty nest syndrome. There are several ways to fill this free time, hobby being one of them. Here's a list of hobbies for empty nesters.

There are a lot of activities for empty nesters to take up. Before choosing a hobby, you need to analyze your needs and preferences. Do you need a hobby to fill your alone time or do you want to meet new people? Do you prefer calm or active pastime? Are you going to share your hobby with your spouse? Do you need a creative outlet? Do you have any talents you'd like to develop? Do you want to learn new things? Then choose a hobby depending on your answers.

Reading. If there are a lot of books you've always wanted to read but didn't have time to, here's your chance to catch up on reading. If you like to read but think it is a too solitary activity, you can join a book club/online group or even start one. The same goes for cinema. Just think about all the movies you now have time to watch!

Arts and crafts. Get creative and explore the world of arts and crafts. Writing, photography, music, dance, theater, culinary arts, painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, woodwork, sewing, embroidery, weaving, crochet, cross-stitch, felting, floral design... the list can go on and on. Just keep in mind that many of this hobbies require materials that might cost quite a lot.

Sports. It is never to late to do sports. Of course, you won't become an Olympic champion, but in this case it is the process that matters, not the result. Exercise will make your body release endorphins that will improve your mood. Besides, sport is good for your health.

Hiking/fishing. Spending time outdoors is good for you, so you might consider taking up hiking and/or fishing if weather and health allow. It's a good chance to explore the beauty of the world around you, enjoy the sun and fresh air and spend time with your spouse.

Learning a foreign language. Many people find learning foreign languages very exciting. If you are one of them, go for it! There are a lot of websites and apps for language learners, but we recommend that you join a class or find a tutor, especially if you've decided to learn a new language from scratch. Learning with a teacher is easier and more effective, especially in the early stages.

Traveling. Traveling will bring you new experience and exciting emotions. You simply won't have time to miss your kids. Besides, joint vacations will bring you and your spouse closer. You might even decide to reenact your honeymoon! However, you need to keep track your finance. Make sure that your journeys don't make a hole in your budget.



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