Today Soccer Results: Bundesliga

Today Soccer Results: BundesligaThe new season of the German championship has started, which is of the great interest to the fans. At the same time, according to today soccer results, the alignment of forces looks very controversial. It seems that the teams from the middle of the standings are striving to compete for the Eurocup zone with all-time favorites.

So, it is worth noting the breakthrough of Fortuna, which started the first round of the championship quite successfully. In addition, the following teams have also showed good results:

  • Borussia;
  • Freiburg;
  • Bayer.

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Hoffenheim: club’s opportunities in the new season

The fans of this club managed to get used to the rather good results of the team. For this reason, the previous German championship turned out to be a real failure for the Villagers. Hoffenheim is only 9th in it, earning 51 points.

Prior to this, the club's performance was much more successful - third and fourth places. At some point, the club became a serious contender for the Eurocup zone. However, the team suddenly slipped, literally failing the second part of the season.

At the same time, the situation of the Villagers is still controversial. The young but very promising coach Julian Nagelsmann has left Hoffenheim. In past seasons, the success of the team largely depended on him.

Moreover, the club conducted an extremely active sale of players, as a result of which it earned more than 110 million euros. However, a number of key players left the roster, such as Joelinton, Schulz, Demirbaya and Amiri. However, it is not a sure fact that Hoffenheim managed to replace their positions with new equally talented players.

Now the team is trained by Alfred Schreider. Prior to that, he received coaching experience only in Twente. At the same time, the beginner is faced with a rather serious task due to problems with the lineup and several unsuccessful purchases.

Because of this, analysts predict the Villagers to have not the most successful season. Most likely, Hoffenheim will stay in the middle of the standings. After all, it lost a well-played roster and several leading athletes. Most likely, the main goal of the club’s transfer policy was to obtain financial profit, and not to strengthen the team.



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