4 Effective Ingredients for Dry Skin

4 Effective Ingredients for Dry SkinTaking care of dry skin can be really challenging and frustrating, since it tends to get tight, rough, flaky and itchy. However, with the right products and an effective skincare regimen, you will manage your dry skin just fine. Here’s our list of ingredients you should look for in products designed for dry skin.

Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Other Humectants

Humectants are ingredients that attract moisture to your skin and help retain it. Some of the best humectants in skincare products include hyaluronic acid (sometimes used in the form of sodium hyaluronate), glycerin, ceramides, glycols, carbamide (urea), collagen, and lactic acid.

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Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are a source of fatty acids, some of which your body can’t produce on your own. These acids nourish the skin, help to keep it hydrated, make it soft, provide protection from the environment, and even reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging. Great oils for dry skin include apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil.

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Squalene / Squalane

Squalene is a natural organic compound that is very similar to human sebum (skin oil) and therefore is an excellent emollient and lubricant for dry skin. It was originally obtained from shark liver oil, but due to environmental concerns, many cosmetic manufacturers now use plant-based squalene sourced from olive oil, rice bran, amaranth seed, wheat germ, or sugar cane. Squalane is a derivative of squalene that has similar properties, but it is cheaper and less prone to oxidation. Both ingredients have great moisturizing and protective properties—just what dry skin needs.

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Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Aloe vera leaf juice, also known as aloe vera gel, is obtained from a succulent plant native to the Arabian Peninsula. Like most succulents, aloe stores water in its thick leaves, which enables it to survive in dry climates. Aloe vera gel is an excellent source of moisture for dry skin. It absorbs quickly and deeply hydrates the epidermis. In addition, this ingredient has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, so it is safe and even beneficial for sensitive skin.

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