America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration

America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration
America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration is a three-day festival held in Plymouth, Massachusetts on the weekend before Thanksgiving. The festival is designed to remind of the fact that Plymouth Colony was the landing point of Pilgrims involved in the traditional “First Thanksgiving”. Unlike most Thanksgiving parades, Plymouth’s parade has a strict theme.

While most Thanksgiving parades are entertaining and feature mostly decorated floats and giant balloons of popular characters, the America’s Hometown parade aims to teach locals and tourists the Pilgrim story, explaining the meaning and significance of the holiday. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not entertaining at all. On the contrary, America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration is full of exciting attractions.

The parade itself is the only historically accurate chronological parade in the United States. It visually brings to life the country’s rich heritage through the years. The parade is divided into five divisions that represent important milestones in the history of the United States: British colonization of the 17th century, the American Revolutionary War of the 18th century, the American Civil War of the 19th century, automotive and military showcases from the 20th and 21st centuries, and the traditional Santa Claus float that closes the parade. The divisions feature historical reenactors, equestrian units, marching bands, hand crafted floats, and more.

Although the parade is the flagship event of America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration, the festival includes many more events and ceremonies. It kicks off on Friday night with an illumination ceremony and a free Veterans Memorial Concert dedicated to those who have served in the US Armed Forces.

Events on Saturday and Sunday include the Historic Village featuring authentic camps, living historians, hands-on demonstrations by crafters and an artisan market, the New England Food Festival that offers the very best foods and drinks in the region, live concerts, educational activities such as guided tours and lectures, and more.

America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration is more than just a holiday occasion. It celebrates the country’s rich history and heritage, bringing historical events to life in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration

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