Salon du Cheval de Paris

Salon du Cheval de Paris
Salon du Cheval de Paris (Paris Horse Show) is an annual exhibition of horses, ponies and donkeys founded in 1972. One of the largest equestrian events in France, it features 2,300 horses and 450 exhibitors, drawing almost 150,000 visitors over 9 days.

Like most events of its kind, Salon du Cheval de Paris is a hybrid of a horse exhibition, a trade fair, and an equestrian competition. The show takes place at the Parc des expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, also known simply as Paris Nord Villepinte, the second-largest convention in center France.

The program of Salon du Cheval is divided into four sections: Sport and Competition, Shows and Events, Breeding and Sales, and Ethology, Well-being and Health. The first section offers an extraordinary program of professional and amateur equestrian competitions. The famous Paris Indoor Horse Competition includes various equestrian disciplines, such as dressage, show jumping, vaulting, eventing, harness, hunter, horseball and Western riding.

The Shows and Events section is designed for horse enthusiasts. It offers workshops, demonstrations, and other exciting events and activities for those who share a common passion for horses. Breeding and Sales is the section where you can meet horse breeders and their horses and discover new breeds.

The fourth section focuses on animal well-being and health. Organized by the French Veterinary Association, it is targeted at breeders, owners, horse riders, educators and horse enthusiasts. This space offers lectures, seminars and hands-on exercise to gain an insight in the issues concerning horse health, well-being and behavior.

The three key highlights of Salon du Cheval de Paris are the Paris Longines Masters, the Nuit de Cheval, and the World Arabian Horse Championship. The Longines Masters of Paris is an international high-level show jumping competition that brings together some of the world’s best horses and riders. The Nuit du Cheval (“Night of Horses”) is a spectacular equestrian show. Finally, the World Arabian Horse Championship showcases the world’s finest purebred Arabian horses.

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