Fieracavalli is an international show dedicated to horses and horse riding. It is held every year in the Italian city of Verona. Founded in 1898, it is the largest and most important equestrian event in Italy.

Fieracavalli is one of the world’s longest-running horse shows. It was founded in 1898 as the Horse and Agricultural Fair. The event started off as a horse market, where equestrian competitions were held simply to select the best horses for sale. Much has changed since then, of course. In 1950, Fieracavalli earned the status of an international fair and has since become one of the world’s leading equestrian events.

Fieracavalli is held in late November. The event takes place at the Verona Exhibition Center (Fiera di Verona), the third largest exhibition venue in Italy with more than 130,000 square meters of net area. Fieracavalli features over 700 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and more than 3,000 horses representing over 60 breeds. It has an attendance of more than 160,000, including over 25,000 international visitors from about 60 countries.

The exhibition space is divided into several themed areas to make it easier for attendees to navigate the fair. They include Sports & Competitions, Families & Entertainment, Westernshow, Jumping Verona, Equestrian Tourism, Commercial Areas, Breeder Shows, and Horse Well-Being.

The rich and diverse program of Fieracavalli includes show jumping, dressage, horseball and Western competitions and demonstrations, family entertainment for attendees of all ages, an entire hall dedicated to equestrian tourism, a large trade fair with more than 750 exhibitors, evening equestrian events, a horse exhibition, and special events focusing on horse well-being.

Every year, Fieracavalli draws athletes, international professionals, breeders, journalists, equestrian enthusiasts, and horse lovers from around the world. The four-day fair is one of Verona’s major events, as well as the most important Italian event in the equestrian industry.





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