Pluk de Nacht Film Festival

Pluk de Nacht Film Festival
Pluk de Nacht is an annual open air film festival held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It presents a selection of independent films, documentaries, animated films and shorts that haven’t been released in Dutch theaters.

The Pluk de Nacht Film Festival was founded in 2003 by a group of young film professionals who were dissatisfied by seeing wonderful films not being picked up by Dutch cinemas and distributors. They started a film festival to help non-mainstream works of cinematic art find new audiences.

Pluk de Nacht is organized by a large group of dedicated volunteers that comprises film professionals, artists, students, and other people who are passionate about the art of film. Admission to the festival is free at all locations, but you can support the event by renting a deckchair or a blanket, buying a beer at the bar, or making a donation.

The program of the festival focuses on films that were met with acclaim at international film festivals but never made it to Dutch cinemas or only reached a very small audience. The organizers carefully select films based on their cinematographic merits, embracing various genres and formats, from romantic comedies and road movies to animation and documentaries.

Over the years, Pluk de Nacht has screened films made in Germany, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, the United States, Croatia, Slovenia, Chile, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries. All films shown at the festival are in English or have English subtitles. Pluk de Nacht doesn’t host a film competition, but the film that wins the audience poll is given the Audience Award.

The festival offers a unique movie experience every night at the Stenen Hoofd, an old pier in the former harbor. Screenings start off with a short film as soon as the sun begins to set, followed by a feature film. Along with the screenings of never-before-released films, Pluk de Nacht also features concerts, parties, food and drinks, and more.

Alongside the main festival that takes place in Amsterdam, there are satellite festivals in other Dutch cities, such as The Hague, Utrecht, and Arnhem. They are typically held after the main event.

Pluk de Nacht

Photo: Eric J. Haas



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