Hard Rock Laager

Hard Rock Laager
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Hard Rock Laager is an annual open-air music festival held in a small village of Vana-Vigala, Estonia. Founded in 2002, it is the longest-running local rock festival in Estonia as well as the main event of the year for Estonian rock and metal fans.

The history of Vana-Vigala dates back to the 15th century. It was build around the estate owned by the Uexküll family. Today the Vana-Vigala estate is one of the of the most important cultural and historical sights in Estonia. It is surrounded by a beautiful park where Hard Rock Laager is held every year.

Hard Rock Laager was founded in 2002 by the Tallinn Hard Rock Club in association with the Estonian pagan metal band Tharaphita. The first festival was held from July 19–20, 2002 and featured mainly Estonian rock and metal bands such as Forgotten Sunrise and Metsatöll. However, there were several bands from neighboring countries, for example, Skyforger from Latvia and Soulgrind from Finland. The inaugural Hard Rock Laager had only one straight.

Since its inception, Hard Rock Laager has become one of the most important music festivals in Estonia. Despite its relatively modest attendance (2,000 people a year), it is considered the main event for metalheads in the Baltic states. The organizers pride themselves on delivering quality music with top-notch artists for over 15 years stage.

As of 2016, Hard Rock Laager has two stages and features more than 20 bands over two days. Past headliners of the festival include Forgotten Sunrise (Estonia), Anaal Nathrakh (UK), Metsatöll (Estonia), Winny Puhh (Estonia), Behemoth (Poland), Endstille (Germany), Testament (US), Marduk (Sweden), No-Big-Silence (Estonia), Samael (Switzerland), Napalm Death (UK), My Dying Bride (UK), Finntroll (Finland), Mayhem (Norway), and others.

Held at a picturesque riverside value, the festival is an event with a very down-to-earth feeling where rock and metal fans come together in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy quality music and good company.

Hard Rock Laager

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