Torrone Festival

Torrone Festival
The Christmas season in Italy is really around the corner, when shops begin selling torrone, traditional Italian nougat that is known around the world. And annually the city of Cremona holds the Torrone Festival (Festa del Torrone), that is dedicated to one of the most delicious sweets in the world.

Torrone is a traditional Italian Christmas treat made of honey, egg whites, sugar and nuts (almond, hazelnut and pistachios are used), and sometimes grappa and brandy are added. This treat debuted in Cremona in 1441, when it was served at the wedding of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza, who later became the Duke and Duchess of Milan. And since the torrone was served in the shape of the local tower, the Torione, it gave the name to this sweet delicacy.

Annually the city of Cremona organizes a huge festival, that lasts for nine days. It’s the time, when everyone can enjoy torrone from Cremona and other Italian cities. Over 30 tons of torrone are sold during the festival!

The festival of torrone is known for its jolly events. First of all you should have a look at the procession in medieval costumes, that is dedicated to the famous marriage. Also there are music concerts, workshops for children, cooking demonstrations, sport competitions, exhibitions, and excursions around the town.

There is one festival event, that you really need to know about. Annually the locals make a sculpture of torrone or set any world records that concern their specialty.

And did you know, that Cremona is known not for torrone only? It’s the homeland of great stringed instruments crafters and musicians: Antonio Stradivari, Nicola Amati and Andrea Guarneri. It’s not a mystery, why every festival includes violin concerts. Also the music of violins created by great crafters can be heard at the Museum of the Violin only during the Torrone Festival.

Torrone Festival




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