International Debut and Student Film Festival NACHALO

International Debut and Student Film Festival NACHALO
Film school students and emerging film directors often find it hard to promote their work. Luckily, there are many film festivals for young filmmakers that are intended to help them find both new audiences and financing. One of such festivals is the International Debut and Student Film Festival NACHALO (“Beginning”) held every fall in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

The festival was founded in 2001 by renowned Soviet and Russian film director and screenwriter Yevgeni Tatarsky with the support from the Saint Petersburg branch of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. Originally conceived as a competition of student short films, it has become a full-fledged film festival for young filmmakers.

NACHALO is more than just a film competition. It is a meeting place for cinema lovers, emerging filmmakers and seasoned professionals that brings young, talented and inspiring people together in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. The main goal of the festival is to introduce new names and projects, as well as give young filmmakers a chance to exchange ideas and experiences in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg.

The program of the festival includes an international film competition, a short film competition, a student and amateur film competition, opening and closing films, retrospectives, special events and programs, creative meetings with experienced filmmakers, workshops and masterclasses, concerts and performances, and more.

The competitions are open only to first or second films by emerging directors. Films participating in the competition programs compete for several awards. They include the Main Award (Best Feature Film), Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Short Film, and Best Student Film. The first three awards are awarded by the Grand Jury. The short film competition has its own jury, and the Best Student Film Award is presented by the Organizing Committee and Directorate of the festival.

The mascot of the festival is a baby bird because, according to the organizers, NACHALO helps young filmmakers release their ideas and talents, and learn to fly high like a baby bird that finally leaves its nest.

International Debut and Student Film Festival NACHALO





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