Multivision is an international festival of animation arts annually held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It begins in late October or early November and lasts for a month. Every year, residents and guests of Saint Petersburg are invited to see the best animation shorts from all over the world made during the previous year.

The inaugural Multivision festival was held on February 14, 2003. It was a real breakthrough in the country’s film and animation industry. It paved the way for a plethora of animation festivals that are now held across Russia. The inaugural edition of the festival was warmly received by the general public, film critics and industry professionals, so it was decided to make it an annual event.

The Multivision festival aims to illuminate recent developments and trends in modern animation, to encourage dialogue and experience-sharing initiatives between filmmakers from Russia and abroad, and to introduce the general public to the best animated films from all over the world.

The festival program focuses on animation shorts and animated video installations, screening the best works from Russia and abroad. All foreign films are translated into Russia so that everyone can understand and enjoy what is happening on the screen. Multivision is designed for people of all ages because animation isn’t just for children.

Along with film screenings in theaters across the city of Saint Petersburg, the festival features unconventional screenings aimed to integrate the art of animation into the modern urban environment. The festival is especially proud of the Multi-Bridge project. It is an open-air summer project that features public screenings of animated films on a giant screen attached to the erected parts of drawbridges on the Neva River.

Multivision is a competitive film festival. The professional jury awards prizes in several nomination including the Gran Prix, Best Story, Best Visual Imagery, Best Student Animation, Best Animation for Children, Best Animation Made by Children, Best Experimental Film, Best Animated Video Installation and others. There are also special prizes and awards.

Along with film screenings, the program of the festival includes workshops, masterclasses and seminars by renowned animators, special events, contests and other activities.


Photo by Praskovya Shishkoedova




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