Kyiv Craft Beer Fest

Kyiv Craft Beer Fest
The Kyiv Craft Beer Fest is a craft beer festival held several times a year in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. The events is organized by CRAFT vs PUB, one of Kyiv’s most popular pubs focusing on craft beer.

Craft brewing have been growing increasingly popular in recent years. This term typically applies to relatively small, independently-owned commercial breweries that focus on quality and flavor and employ traditional brewing methods. Ukrainian beer market have been dominated by several large breweries until recently, but now craft beer producers are breaking into the market and steadily gaining appreciation and popularity.

Craft beer festivals are an important part of Ukraine’s craft beer culture. One of the biggest craft beer events in Ukraine is the Kyiv Craft Beer Fest, commonly referred simply as Craft Beer Fest. It was founded in 2016 and has since become one of the major platforms for microbreweries, giving them an opportunity to present their products for a big audience.

Craft Beer Fest is held at the Expocenter of Ukraine, also known as VDNH, a permanent multi-purpose exhibition complex in the Teremky neighborhood of Kyiv. It features about 50 breweries and 20 food courts, offering an impressive selection of high-quality craft beers and delicious foods to go with them, including cheeses, grilled meat and fish, sweet treats, and more.

According to the festival team, Craft Beer Fest is a unique event that offers a new look at brewing and gives an opportunity to discover new flavors. Each brewery featured at the festival offers only top quality products, brewed with love and craftsmanship. Alongside beer tastings, the festival program includes live music and entertainment on several stages, as well as contests and other activities.

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