Bad Ems Flower Parade

Bad Ems Flower Parade
The Bad Ems Flower Parade (Blumenkorso & Bartholomäusmarkt Bad Ems) is an annual flower parade that takes place in the German town of Bad Ems in Rheinland Pfalz. It is the largest event of its kind in Germany that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Bad Ems is a well-known bathing resort famous for local mineral water with a very high mineral content. Another thing the town is famous for is its annual flower parade and Bartholomew Fair.

The Bartholomew Fair of Bad Ems is one of the oldest folk festivals in Germany. It originated from an agricultural market that was founded in 1379 by Robert I, Count of Nassau. As in many other German cities, the market quickly transformed into a folk festival with music, dance, and other entertainment.

The first flower parade at the Bartholomew Fair took place in the 1920s. It features several carriages decorated with flowers. However, the Bad Ems Flower Parade in its present form was inaugurated in 1964 by a group of local residents who wanted to boost tourism in Bad Ems. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, Blumenkorso Bad Ems has grown to become the largest flower parade in Germany and the third largest event of its kind in the world.

The Bad Ems Flower Parade is held on the last Sunday in August. It is a nearly 4 km long procession that features over 30 carriages and platforms decorated with more than 1.5 million flowers, mainly dahlias. The platforms can be up to seven meters high! The platforms and carriages are accompanied by international and national music bands, dance groups, and majorettes.

The Bartholomew Market (Bartholomäusmarkt) is another highlight of the summer season in Bad Ems. It is a traditional German Volksfest (“peoples’ festival”) that includes merchandise vendors, delicious food, various drinks, amusement rides, games of chance and skill, special activities for children, and more. Every year, a new Market Queen (Marktkönigin) is chosen to act as a hostess at the market. She presides over the festivities.

Bad Ems Flower Parade

Photo: Kim Nijsten




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