Little Flower Parade in Wommelgem

Little Flower Parade in Wommelgem
Many Dutch and Belgian cities host colorful flower parades called Bloemencorso. One of the most interesting events of this kind takes place in the Belgian municipality of Wommelgem, Antwerp. Wommelgem’s Little Flower Parade is special because its main participants are children of different ages.

Originally, Wommelgem hosted a large flower parade for adults founded in 1953. Children didn’t participate in it because floats were too large and adults were afraid that kids may get hurt. Of course, children didn’t like being excluded.

The situation changed in 1962, when former chaplain De Vadder organized a smaller version of the flower parade. The new event had two main goals, to involve the children of Wommelgem in the flower parade and to use the flowers left after the main parade. The children’s parade was organized by the local Youth Club (De Jeugdclub) set up by De Vadder.

In 1978, the Youth Club was renamed the Little Flower Parade Circle of Friends (Vriendenkring Kleine Bloemenstoet). In 2001, it officially became a non-profit association responsible for organizing the Little Flower Parade. Meanwhile, the popularity of the big parade had been declining and it was officially discontinued in 1990.

The Little Flower Parade in Wommelgem is held on the third Sunday of September each year. It features around 80 little floats decorated with thousands of dahlias. The floats are designed and built by children with the help of their parents and relatives. On the day of the parade, children pull their platforms through the streets of Wommelgem. They are accompanied by marching bands that help to create a festive atmosphere.

Alongside the procession itself, the festivities include a float exhibition in the Church Square that opens about two hours before the parade, live performances, food stalls, street performers, and more. In the evening, the jury presents prizes to the best floats in three categories (A, B and C, where C is the smallest).

Kleine Bloemenstoet Wommelgem is an exciting event for the entire family organized solely by volunteers. One of the largest festivals in the area, it attracts tourists from all over Belgium.

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