Colisium International Music Forum

Colisium International Music Forum
Colisium is an international music conference held in the Russian cities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sochi as well as former Soviet republics such as Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Colisium events are designed for music industry professionals. They give a great opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends, get a fresh perspective, showcase your latest works, and network.

The first Colisium event was held in Saint Petersburg from September 7 to 9, 2007 as the Colisium Alternative Rock Forum. Its main goal was to support independent record labels as well as to promote alternative and independent music genres in Russia. Its program included concerts, workshops, lectures, presentations and concerts. What started as a rock forum has eventually transformed into an international music conference.

The Colisium International Music Conference is designed for a wide range of music industry professionals. Its target audience includes event organizers, promoters, venue owners and art directors, musicians, producers, PR managers, artistic managers, ticket operators, and other professionals.

The conference gives birth to new businesses, creative connections and ideas. It gives the opportunity to all players of music business to showcase their services to managers from all over Russia and other countries.

The conference isn’t just for established professionals in the field. It is also open to students who study music, management in show business, directing, screenwriting, filmmaking and video making, etc. For them, the Colisium conference is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in business.

The Colisium International Music Conference covers a wide range of topics related to music and show business including the safety and security at large-scale events, sponsorship, advertising, music tourism, copyright issues, artist promotion, concert and festival organizing, and more.

The main conference takes place in the city of Saint Petersburg. Sister events are held in Moscow (Moscow Music Week), Almaty (Colisium Event Evolution), Sochi (Music Industry Conference), Kyiv (Music Industry Conference), Minsk (Minsk Music Week), and Novosibirsk (Colisium Siberia).

Colisium International Music Conference

Photo: Tatyana Rodina