Bloemencorso Loenhout

Bloemencorso Loenhout
Many cities, towns and villages in Belgium and the Netherlands hold annual flower parades called bloemencorso. One of the most famous flower processions in Belgium is Bloemencorso Loenhout (Loenhout Flower Parade).

Loenhout is a small Belgian village in the municipality of Wuustwezel. It is known for hosting two major events: the Azencross (a cyclo-cross race which is part of the DVV Trophy) and the annual Bloemencorso Loenhout. Bloemencorso Loenhout is considered to be one of the largest and most spectacular corsos in Belgium.

Bloemencorso Loenhout is held on the second Sunday of September, but preparations begin months in advance. Hundreds of volunteers dedicate their time and effort to building spectacular platforms covered in flowers. The procession features about 30 platforms decorated with over 4 million beautiful dahlias of various colors. It is indeed a sight to behold that attracts more than 17,000 attendees every year.

Participating neighborhoods start to work on the floats in spring. First, they come up with the design and make miniature models to see whether it’s going to work. In June, large tents are set up in the neighborhoods, where volunteers build the floats. Finally, the floats are decorated with fresh dahlias just days before the event to keep the flowers fresh. It takes many hours of work and much effort to make the floats come alive.

Bloemencorso Loenhout begins in the afternoon and proceeds along a 2 km route through the village. It is followed by a large open-air party and street fair that features live music and other entertainment, food and drink stalls, special events for children, and more. It is a family-friendly event set against the background of magnificent floral platforms you will never see anywhere else.

Over more than six decades since its inception, the Loenhout Flower Parade has become one of the most important cultural events in the region and arguably in the entire country. Since 2013, it has been listed as intangible cultural heritage of Belgium.

Bloemencorso Loenhout

Photo: Gerard Schuurbiers




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