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OTRONICON (short for Orlando Electronic Interactive Entertainment Convention) is an annual conference dedicated to simulation, robotics, video gaming, virtual reality, and digital media. The event has been held annually since 2006. Its main organizer and venue is the Orlando Science Center.

The Orlando Science Center (OSC) is a private science museum designed to promote science and technology among the general public and to provide experience-based opportunities for science learning. The inaugural OTRONICON conference was held in 2006. It was founded to spark interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math careers) through the appeal of interactive technology, virtual reality, simulation and video games. The conference lets attendees interact with STEM industry leaders and educators and helps them look at science and technology from a new and exciting angle.

Orlando, Florida is one of the largest digital media and simulation clusters in the United States, which includes about 30,000 specialists working for more than 1,200 companies. However, for the industry to keep thriving, it needs new specialists with creative ideas and a fresh and open perspective. That’s why the organizers of OTRONICON strive to draw as many talented young people as possible. Understanding that motivational speeches might be not enough to keep attendees interested, they offer a wide range of simultaneously entertaining and educational activities such as video game tournaments and presentations of the latest in the video game industry, simulation and robotics.

The OTRONICON conference is designed for a wide audience, from gamers to families with kids. But it main target audience consists of teenagers aged 12 to 18 years who will soon have to decide on a vocation, as well as adults seeking a career change. Its program features a wide range of activities including video game and simulation showcases, panel discussions and workshops featuring industry pros, robotics exhibitions, speakers, and more. The conference covers a variety of topics such as video game development and design, the fusion of art and technology, medical and military technologies, etc.


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