Digital Biscuit

Digital Biscuit
Digital Biscuit is an annual film and technology forum that takes place in Dublin, Ireland. It was inaugurated in 2012 by Birch Hamilton, the Executive Director of the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland. The name of the festival means that a “biscuit” like its content is best enjoyed with other people in small amounts.

The main goal of Digital Biscuit is to facilitate the integration of innovative technologies into modern film and television industry. Each year, the event gathers specialists in the field of production of creative visual content including film, television, games, animation, augmented reality, virtual reality, transmedia, design and VFX among others. There also are speakers who specialize in content distribution, marketing, financing, and monetization. Together, they exchange knowledge and experience and look for the new ways to develop the media industry.

Among notable past speakers that have participated in Digital Biscuit there are French filmmaker Bruno Delbonnel, American writer, director and producer David Chase, French independent filmmaker Michel Gondry, English filmmaker David Yates, American film executive Franklin Leonard, American director Alan Taylor, Danish television producer Camilla Hammerich, Irish film director and novelist Neil Jordan.

But Digital Biscuit isn’t only for film directors, screenwriters and producers. It is for everyone somehow involved in the creation of visual content for the film and television industry including technicians, artists, film critics, film journalists, art directors, sound editors, actors, animators, casting directors, cameramen, editors, IT specialists, etc.

The program of the forum includes lectures and speeches delivered by keynote speakers, workshops and mentorship sessions, collaborative talks, film screenings, networking events, demonstrations of innovative technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, a play exhibition, and even speed dating. Numerous networking events held at Digital Biscuit help foster cross discipline collaborations and inspire new projects that help create a fusion between technology and creativity.

Digital Biscuit is a unique blend of a technology conference and a film festival that gathers together all people involved in the creation and distributions of films, television shows and other kinds of video content. The knowledge and expertise of its participants have made Digital Biscuit one of the world’s leading creative conferences.

Digital Biscuit

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