Clamour Live (CVX Live)

Clamour Live (CVX Live)
Clamour Live (formerly known as Creator Viewer Experience Live, or simply CVX Live) is an annual online video convention designed to serve as a meeting place for online media creators (primarily YouTubers) and their fans. The convention was originally held in Utah before relocating to Texas.

The event was created by a team of YouTubers that runs the Bored Shorts TV YouTube channel. It includes brothers John, David, Brett and Randy Roberts and their friend Richard Sharrah. The channel is known for its flagship project Kid History. According to the creators, CVX Live was conceived as a kind of a Comic-Con for YouTubers and their fans.

The inaugural CVX Live was held in August 2015 in the city of Orem, Utah. It featured 35 YouTube celebrities and attracted around 6,000 attendees which is roughly four times as many as the attendance of the first VidCon. The event featured Bored Shorts TV (naturally), Studio C, Devin Super Tramp, Stuart Edge, Peter Hollens, Jessica Frech, CuteGirlsHairstyles, WorkingWithLemons, and other YouTubers. In 2020, the creators of CVX Live partnered with Clamour Co. After that, the event was renamed Clamour Live and relocated to Dallas, Texas. The 2020 convention didn't take place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The programming of Clamour Live is similar to that of other YouTube conventions such as VidCon (Southern California), Playlist Live (Florida & Washington, D.C.) and Summer in the City (London). It includes main stage performances, group and one-on-one meet & greets, photo ops and autograph sessions with vloggers, video premieres, Q & A panels, workshops featuring industry leaders, contests, booths, and other fun activities.

One of the convention’s main highlights is The Next Big YouTuber contest. Participants submit their videos to get a chance to win prizes such as an opportunity to perform on the main stage during the conventions, TV appearances, collaborations with famous YouTubers, promotion, audio kits, camera kits, and more. Past winners include singer Madilyn Paige and violinist Rob Landes.

Clamour Live offers three days of entertaining and informative events. It gives a chance to meet top video content creators, shake their hands, get a selfie or have a photo signed, find new friends, see spectacular performances, attend workshops, participate in interactive entertainment, buy exclusive merchandise, and more.

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