Animecon Finland

Animecon Finland
Animecon is a Finnish anime convention that has been held every summer since 2003. Originally a part of the sci-fi convention Finncon, it became an independent event in 2012. Animecon is Finland's longest-running event dedicated to Japanese pop culture.

Animecon was conceived as a joint project between anime clubs from different cities and towns of Finland with the support of the Finnish Anime Union (The Finnish Anime Union). The first Animecon was held in 1999, at Finncon in Turku. It was a small and not very marketable event.

When Finncon returned to Turku in 2003, Animecon was re-imagined and rebranded. It was held in conjunction of Finncon from 2003 to 2009 and in 2011. The two conventions shared a venue but had no common events and even held separate opening ceremonies. Nevertheless, Finncon and Animecon helped boost each other’s attendance and public visibility. For example, in 2008, the two conventions drew over 8,000 attendees, which made Animecon the largest cosplay event in Finland.

In 2012, a new team of organizers took over Animecon, and it split from Finncon. Before that, it had alternated between different cities in Finland because it’s what Finncon does. Since the split, Animecon has been held in Kuopio, with the exception of the 2016 convention that took place in Jyväskylä.

Whereas Finncon is a free event, Animecon has paid admission. As of 2017, a weekend pass costs €35. It guarantees entry to most events, but there is a limited number of programs which require a seat ticket. Nevertheless, Anime a non-profit event. All proceeds are intended to compensate for costs.

Animecon runs over two days in mid-July. Its programming includes lectures, contests, stage shows, panels, cosplay contests, parties, and other events dedicated to anime, manga, gaming, cosplay, and other aspects of Japanese pop culture. The convention hosts an Artist Alley where artists and crafters can sell their work (fanart, original art, prints, stickers, magnets, jewelry, etc.) and a Dealers’ Den.

Animecon Finland

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