Balingup Medieval Carnivale

Balingup Medieval Carnivale
The Balingup Medieval Carnivale, also known as the Balingup Medieval Festival, is an annual medieval-themed event held in the town of Balingup, Western Australia. The festival runs over the fourth weekend August. It is a not-for-profit event run primarily by volunteers who dedicate their time and effort for the sake of their town and its people.

The Balingup Medieval Carnivale was founded in 1996. It is the largest and oldest medieval festival in Western Australia and one of the best events of its kind in the country. The carnivale features over 100 market stalls offering handcrafted wares, gourmet food, beverage tastings, and varied entertainment for attendees of all ages.

Although the Carnivale officially opens on Saturday, one of its most beloved traditions is a feast that takes place the night before the festival begins. The Friday Night Medieval Feast is so popular that it sells out almost instantaneously. Attendees are encouraged to dress in period attire to contribute to the authenticity of the atmosphere. The Carnivale has its own independent costume hire, offering fantastic medieval outfits that can be hired for the whole weekend for a reasonable fee.

The feast is great, but the real fun begins on Saturday. For two days, incredible musicians, minstrels, dancers, jesters, actors, medieval re-enactors, jugglers, acrobats, buskers, knights and theme characters keep the visitors entertained, providing a unique festival experience. Along with performers, the Carnivale features about 100 local artisans who offer handcrafted and homemade items, food, wine, cider and mead. Most vendors at the market wear period appropriate costumes and decorate their stalls.

Entertainment at the Carnivale includes live music and dance performances on the Main stage, the Grand Parade that marches through the festival site every day at 1 pm, blacksmith demonstrations in the Shed, jousting in the Combat Arena, horseback archery displays in the Field, and more. With such a rich and diverse program, there’s something here for everyone.

One of the most popular events at the Balingup Medieval Carnivale is the Burning of the Dragon. In the evening, a wooden dragon figure is burned on a bonfire, accompanied by spectacular fire performances.

Balingup Medieval Carnivale

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