Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
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Practically every state in the United States hosts at least one Renaissance fair or festival, an outdoor gathering which recreates a historical setting for the amusement of its guests. For example, the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival runs from early April through the last weekend in May or the first weekend of June, attracting over 80,000 attendees each season.

The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival takes place in Muskogee. The town is home to the Castle of Muskogee, a multipurpose fairground that hosts the Renaissance Festival, the Halloween Festival, the Zombie Run, the Fourth of July Fireworks, Boare’s Heade Feaste, and the Castle Christmas.

The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival was founded in 1995. It is set in the fictional village of Castleton during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Castleton is supposed to be a border town located between England and Scotland, but it also features multiple quarters representing various countries and cultures (Italian, Celtic, and others).

The festival hosts multiple attractions for attendees of all ages and backgrounds, including vendors, dancing, jousts and other events. During the festival period, the site features 15 stages over 30 acres, although the majority of vendors reside in the 13 acre area of Castleton Village.

The festival’s World Trade Market features over 140 artisans offering beautiful souvenirs and unique wares, as well as the wonderful varieties of food and drink. Musicians, dancers, magicians, jugglers, acrobats and jousters amaze visitors with their skill and talent on the festival’s 15 stages, providing continuous entertainment throughout the weekend.

Of course, the festival program includes plenty of special events and activities, some of which are considered the highlights of the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. They include the Children’s Realm for hands-on activities and games, the Royal Quest, the costume contest, the Masque Ball, the Ceilidh, the Pirate’s Feast, the daily parade, and more.

Like many other Renaissance fairs, the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival features themed weekends to shake things up and make visitors want to return. For example, the 2018 festival revolved around the Queen choosing a husband, so each weekend was dedicated to a new suitor and their country. The themes included: Fantasy – King Oberon; Romance – King Henri of France; Castilian – King Phillip of Spain; Celtic – King James of Scotland; Imperial Weekend – Charles II of the Holy Roman Empire; The Spice Roads – King Omari.

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

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