Ohio Renaissance Festival

Ohio Renaissance Festival
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The Ohio Renaissance Festival is an annual Renaissance fair that takes place in the village of Harveysburg, Ohio, United States, running from late August or early September to mid-October. Founded in 1990, it attracts over 160,000 attendees each season, which makes it one of the largest Renaissance festivals in the United States.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival was first held in 1990 between Harveysburg and Interstate 71. Over more than two decades of the festival’s existence, the site has grown into a 30 acres permanent village with outdoor stages and shops.

The festival is set in the fictional English village of Willy-Nilly on the Wash during the Elizabethan era (circa 1572). The event features about 100 shows during the day on 12 stages and more than 150 costumed characters, including historical figures such as John Dee, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Railegh and even the Queen herself. Other residents are not so historical but very much entertaining.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival offers rich and diverse programming that includes spectacular performances on the stages and in the streets, about 150 unique arts and crafts shops in the Medieval Marketplace, human-powered rides, games of skill, full-armored tournament joust, Renaissance themed food and drinks, colorful parades, and other attractions for visitors of all ages.

Entertainment at the Ohio Renaissance Festival includes music and singing, dance, storytelling, juggling, acrobatic shows, theatrical performances, swordplay, full armored joust, comedy, circus, and more. If you want to take a break from watching performances, visit the open-air marketplace where artisans demonstrate and sell period themed handcrafted wares and artwork. Here you can find candles, glass wares, metalwork, leather items, paintings, jewelry, clothing and shoes, armor and weapons, stained glass, oils and incense, pottery, sculpture, music instruments, and other unique goods.

Food vendors offer Renaissance fair staples such as steak-on-a-stake, bread bowls with stews and soups, giant roasted turkey legs, fish and chips, fresh roasted corn on the cob, and a variety of wines and ales. If you’re not a fan of Renaissance-themed food, you’ll still find something to eat. What about falafel, hummus, shawarma, burgers, mac and cheese, hot dogs, cakes or Belgian waffles? There’s something for everyone!

Like most other Renaissance fairs, the Ohio Renaissance festival hosts themed weekends. Each weekend offers a unique experience, that’s why many festival-goers attend the festival several times during the season. Themes at the 2016 festival included Family and Friends, Time Travelers Weekend, Pirates Weekend, Barbarian Invasion, Feast of Wools Weekend, Highland Weekend, Fantasy Weekend, Romance Weekend, and Tricks or Treats Weekend. The festival also hosts themed weddings with four wedding packages to choose from.

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Photo: Ohio Renaissance Festival




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