Taste of Sydney Collective

Taste of Sydney Collective
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For a number of years, Taste of Sydney was one of the city’s leading gastronomic events that introduced locals and tourists to delicious dishes from the best restaurants of Sydney. Nothing can remain the same forever, but it can become even better! In 2018, the organizers relaunched the festival in the new format, and Taste of Sydney became Taste of Sydney Collective.

Taste Festivals is a UK-based company which runs a series of food festivals around the world. Its events typically have the prefix “Taste of” followed by the name of the city they are held in. The inaugural Taste Festival, Taste of London, took place in 2004 at Somerset House. Since then, Taste Festivals have been held in Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Dublin, Chicago, Abu Dhabi. Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and many other cities across the world.

A classic Taste Festival lasts for several days and consists of multiple sessions (one or two sessions a day, each lasting 4 or 5 hours). During each session, festival-goers can sample various dishes from the best local restaurants, take part in beverage tastings, buy organic produce at a big eco market, attend culinary workshops and demonstrations, listen to live music, relax in the lounge zone, and simply have fun. Tickets are sold for each session separately.

Originally, Taste of Sydney followed the traditional format, but in 2018, its organizers decided to revamp the event. The festival got a new date, moving from March to November, a new venue and, most importantly, a new format. Taste of Sydney Collective is a unique event intended to transform the way you think about food festivals.

At regular Taste Festivals, chefs and restaurants showcase their signature dishes but rarely collaborate. In contrast, Taste of Sydney Collective is all about themed collaborations. According to the festival team, the event blends food, culture and music into a unique experience with a vibrant atmosphere.

Just like regular Taste Festivals, Taste of Sydney Collective consists of several sessions with a vibrant atmosphere. The difference is that each session has a unique theme inspired by culture, geography and style, as well as features new restaurants. Local and national chefs, restaurants, artisans, and performers engage in themed collaborations, offering festival-goers to participate in an unparalleled culinary adventure.

Each session features incredible dishes and cocktails you’ll never taste anywhere else. In addition to tastings, the festival program includes cooking demonstrations in the Electrolux Collective Kitchen, presentations, workshops and masterclasses, fringe events, a food market, live music, and more.

Taste of Sydney Collective

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