FIBO is the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health. It is held in the German city of Cologne every spring.

FIBO was founded in 1985 by Kurt Thelen and Volken Ebener. The inaugural event was held in Cologne. In 1990, Thelen and Ebener sold FIBO to Blenheim International Deutschland GmbH, the predecessor of today’s Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH (the German subdivision of Reed Exhibitions). The new owner moved the event to Essen, where it was held from 1991 to 2012. In 2013, the fair returned to Cologne.

Since its inception, FIBO has become the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. As of 2016, it features more than 900 exhibitors from almost 40 countries and draws over 100,000 attendees. About half of the attendees are trade visitors, of whom about 30 percent come from abroad.

The program of FIBO is divided into several sections dedicated to various aspects of fitness, wellness and health. They include:

  • Physio: an area for physiotherapists where they can check out the latest equipment and devices, learn about innovative trends, and participate in high-quality training programs.
  • FIBO ACADEMY: sessions and workshops from well-known professionals.
  • Group & Aqua Fitness: special stages and a pool where visitors can participate in group fitness sessions.
  • New Business: professional consulting for fitness and wellness start-ups.
  • Power: an entire area dedicated to power training and bodybuilding.
  • Functional Training: an area dedicated to CrossFit and other types of functional training.
  • Sports Nutrition: the latest trends in nutrition science and nutritional supplements.
  • Consulting Services: consulting for established businesses in the fitness industry.
  • EMS & Vibration: everything you need to know about training that utilizes electrical stimulation.
  • Fighting Fit: martial arts in fitness training.
  • Wellness & Beauty: spas, saunas, beauty salons, tanning salons, and anything else related to the beauty and wellness industry.
  • Fashion: fitness fashion, equipment and accessories from major brands and newcomers.
  • Cardio & Strength: cardio and weight training equipment, new training concepts and trends.
  • Interior: equipment, furnishings and interior solutions for fitness studios, spas and health facilities.

The sections and programs of FIBO may vary from year to year, but the show never fails to cover the most relevant trends in the industry.





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