Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace

Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace
The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace is an annual Renaissance fair held in the village of Rock Creek, Ohio. It is one of the two major Renaissance fairs held in Ohio, the other one being the Ohio Renaissance Faire in Harveysburg.

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace was founded in 1992 and has been held every summer since, running from early July through mid-August. It attracts over 45,000 attendees over the course of a season. The festival is set in the fictional 13th-century shire of Avaloch reminiscent of Sherwood Forest. It incorporates historic, fantasy, futuristic and even superhero elements.

The festival takes place in a family-friendly theme park filled with stage entertainment, artisan and vendor stalls, interactive games, fairground rides, exciting contests, delicious treats, and more. Costumed characters and performers keep guests entertained, making sure that no one gets bored. There are several stages throughout the fairground, offering continuous entertainment all day long. Musicians, dancers, comedians, singers, jesters, acrobats, storytellers, fire performers, magicians and other performers amaze everyone with their talent and skills, making spectators gasp with delight.

And what about the marketplace? The fair’s Medieval Marketplace features over 100 skilled artisans from all over Ohio and out of state. They offer an impressive selection of unique goods such as jewelry, traditional clothing and accessories, hand-blown glass items, handmade soap and perfumes, weaponry, and more. Skilled jewelers, blacksmiths, leatherworkers and others create items right at the fair and everyone is welcome to watch!

Other highlights of the Great Lakes Medieval Faire include jousting, games of skill such as axe-throwing and archery, delicious foods and drinks (including authentic medieval dishes), and even birthday parties. The fair also hosts theme weekends to make visitors want to come back. For example, theme weekends at the 2016 fair included Heroes & Villains, Princes & Princesses; Roman Circus, A.D.; Time Travel Through the Ages; Pirates, Mermaids, and Crusty Things; Celtic Celebration; Clash of the Clans. Each theme weekend features unique events and special guest performers.

Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace

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