Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival
The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is one of the leading gastronomic festivals in Northern Europe. It is an annual event that runs over 10 days in August. The festival celebrates the culinary culture of Denmark’s capital, as well as Danish and Scandinavian cuisine in general.

The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival was founded in 2004 by Copenhagen Cooking. As of 2017, its main organizer is the Food Organization of Denmark (FOOD) that has merged with Copenhagen Cooking. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Nordic food and gastronomy. Along with the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, FOOD organizes other major food events, including the Aarhus Food Festival, MAD Symposium, Oyster Trophy Week, and the Arla Food Fest.

The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is an event for everyone who loves good food and is interested in Nordic cuisine, seasonal produce and exciting culinary experiences. It draws about 80,000 attendees every year, offering them over 100 unique events. The festival features Copenhagen’s finest restaurants and food producers who are happy to present their best dishes and products to a wide audience.

The program of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival includes a variety of events and activities such as open-air dinners, live cooking demonstrations, drink tastings, workshops and classes, talks and discussions, edgy food experiences, competitions, special events for children and families, culinary adventures, food crawls, and more. They are held at a number of venues throughout Copenhagen.

Each edition of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival has had a new theme. For example, the 2017 festival was titled “Breaking the New” because it focused on highlighting the new trends in food and gastronomy. The focus areas included sustainability and ecology, commodity celebration, CPH by the Glass, knowledge and learning about food & drink, next generation, and food, arts & culture.

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival




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