Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Taiwan International Balloon Festival
Photo: balloontaiwan.taitung.gov.tw
The Taiwan International Balloon Festival, also known as the Taitung International Balloon Festival, is an annual hot air balloon festival held in Taitung County, Taiwan. The festival takes place every summer and lasts for more than a month, attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators from all over the world.

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival was founded in 2011 to boost tourism in Taitung County famous for its picturesque mountainous landscapes. It quickly became one of the world’s largest hot air balloon events. Unlike most balloon festivals that run over a single weekend, the Taitung Balloon Festival lasts for more than a month, attracting numerous tourists and providing them with a unique experience and great memories.

The festival is based in Luye Township in the Huatung Valley, a narrow valley located between two mountain ridges. It provides a perfect backdrop for big, beautiful, colorful hot air balloons. The festival features balloons from around the world, including unique special shape balloons.

Over the years, the Taiwan International Balloon Festival has welcomed balloons and pilots from the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Australia, Spain, France, Japan, Germany, and other countries. Of course, Taiwanese pilots and balloons participate in the festival as well because one of the main goals of the event is to promote ballooning in Taiwan.

The program of the Taitung Balloon Festival includes shape balloon displays, flying shows, games and competitions, and plenty of other exciting activities. But what it is most famous for is Night Glow Concerts. The festival presents a series of six performances featuring hot air balloons flying in sync with music, glowing against the night sky. This is a unique experience not to be missed! Each concert takes place in a different township of Taitung County.

Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Photo: 臺灣熱氣球嘉年華-Taiwan Balloon Festival




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