São Paulo International Motor Show

São Paulo International Motor Show
Photo: salaodoautomovel.com.br
The São Paulo International Motor Show (Salão Internacional do Automóvel de São Paulo) is considered the biggest and most important automobile event in Latin America and one of the largest shows of its kind in the world. It is held biennially (on even years) in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. The inaugural edition of the São Paulo Motor Show took place in 1960.

The Brazilian automotive industry competed with other Latin American ones till the 1960s. But then it had two consecutive jumps that have made it a regional leader and one of the world's leading car manufacturers. Inauguration of a motor show in São Paulo was one of the first signs of its development. The first Brazilian care was produced in 1956, and merely four years later the country's automotive industry already needed a place to showcase its products.

The São Paulo International Motor Show has been growing consistently since its inception. It became an international event in 1990 and by now has become the fourth largest motor show in the world that features both production cars and concept cars. The event is known for its huge contribution to the Brazilian economy.

The São Paulo International Motor Show is held every October or November. It is a meeting place for car lovers from all over the world which provides an experience of technology, safety, functionality, and luxury. The exhibitors include all car brands marketed in Brazil which showcase their latest products. The show features more than 500 vehicles, about 150 launches and 100 hours of entertainment. It attracts over 750,000 attendees every year.

São Paulo International Motor Show




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