International Ezerjó Day Date in the current year: May 16, 2024

International Ezerjó Day International Ezerjó Day is observed annually on May 16 to raise the profile of a lesser known Hungarian white wine grape variety that is prized locally but is very hard to find outside of Hungary.

Ezerjó is a Hungarian white wine grape variety that is grown primarily in the Mór wine district in Central Transdanubia. The region has a long history of vine growing and winemaking. There is archaeological evidence of grapes being grown in what is now Mór in the Roman period. By the 11th century, local vineyards were firmly established. In the early 18th century, Capuchin monks and ethnic German settlers started to produce wines in Mór.

The wine industry of Mór took a hard hit in the late 19th century due to a Phylloxera epidemic that killed most of the vineyards. As it slowly began to recover, Ezerjó became the predominant grape variety in the Mór region. It is a high-yielding grape variety that is used to produce crisp and fresh white wines with fruity and herbal notes. Ezerjó wines are relatively high in alcohol and have a pronounced acidity.

Unlike other Hungarian wine regions that are known primarily for their sweet dessert wines, Mór is famous for its dry wines similar to sauvignon blanc, although Ezerjó can be also used to produce dessert wines. Most Ezerjó wines are produced by small, locally owned vineyards and are mostly consumed within the country, although they can occasionally be found at select European wine shops.

Ezerjó has a relatively neutral flavor profile, which makes is a very food-friendly wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Thanks to its fresh acidity, Ezerjó pairs well with heavy and spicy dishes such as pork, oily fish, potato gratin, fatty cheeses, creamy dishes, and hot, spicy Asian food. On the other hand, it is also works well with lighter dishes like poultry, salads with fresh herbs, vegetables and legumes, and desserts.

International Ezerjó Day is the brainchild of Hungarian winemaker Krisztina Csetvei. She chose the date of May 16 for the holiday for at least two reasons. First, it is the birthday of her daughter Panni, who was born on May 16, 2016. Second, it is the death anniversary of Robert Mondavi, a famous American winemaker who helped bring worldwide recognition for the wines made in California’s Napa Valley. Csetvei saw Mondavi and his accomplishments as her inspiration for promoting the tiny wine region of Mór and Ezerjó wines. In addition, May is the perfect month for celebrating Ezerjó wines because they are light, crisp, vibrant and refreshing – just what you need on a sunny spring day!

On the occasion of International Ezerjó Day, Hungarian winemakers, restaurateurs, wine bar owners, wine merchants, sommeliers, and wine writers and bloggers organize wine tastings and other events to introduce wine lovers to Ezerjó. If you happen to be in Hungary in the middle of May, don’t miss your chance to attend one of these events! Sadly, Ezerjó wines are hard to come by outside of Hungary, but you can try to find them online or enjoy other Hungarian wines such as the famous Tokaj Aszú or varietal Furmint wines.

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