International Furmint Day Date in the current year: February 1, 2024

International Furmint Day International Furmint Day, sometimes referred to as World Furmint Day or simply Furmint Day, is celebrated annually on February 1. It was created to raise international awareness of a Hungarian wine grape variety used in the production of the world-famous Tokaji wines.

Furmint, also known as Mainak, Moslavac, Mosler or Šipon (depending on the country), is a white wine grape variety that originated in the Tokaj wine region in north-eastern Hungary and south-eastern Slovakia. It is also grown in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Small isolated plantings of Furmint can be found in South Africa and the United States.

Furmint has been grown in the Tokaji region since at least the 16th century; it is believed to be a native grape variety although some theories claim it was introduced to the region around the 13th century. Its name may have been derived from the French word froment, which means “wheat”, to indicate the signature wheat-gold color of the whine wines produced from the grape. By the late 18th century, Furmint was established as the principal grape used to produce Tokaji Aszú wines.

Furmint is a versatile grape variety. It can be used to produce various wine styles, ranging from bone dry varietal wines to dessert wines made from grapes affected by noble rot. Croatian wine producers have been experimenting with blending Furmint with Chardonnay and Pinot blanc in sparkling wines. Most importantly, Furmint is one of the six grape varieties approved for the production of Tokaji wines (alongside Hárslevelű, Kabar, Kövérszőlő, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, and Zéta); it accounts for 60% of the grapes in the region.

Dry Furmint wines have naturally high acidity levels and complex flavors with notes of lime, pears and smoke. Dessert-style Furmint wines are usually characterized by notes of apricots, barley sugar, blood orange, and marzipan. They often have great aging potential and can develop spicy and smokey notes of cinnamon, tea, tobacco and even chocolate as they age.

Furmint Day was created by Dániel Kézdy, a Hungarian wine expert and author who is best known for his book Tokaj – People and Vineyards published in 2014. He also founded International Aszú Day to honor one of the most famous and valuable Tokaji wines; both holidays have been celebrated annually since 2017.

International Furmint Day events are held by wine producers and distributors across Hungary and abroad. They include wine tastings, wine and food pairing classes, vineyard tours, and other events that aim to promote Furmint among wine merchants, wine experts, sommeliers, and customers. They aren’t limited to just one day; in fact, Kézdy has nicknamed the entire month of February “Furmint February”, and International Furmint Day simply kicks it off.

There are many ways to celebrate International Furmint Day. You can learn more about this grape variety, splurge on a bottle of expensive Hungarian white wine, got out to a restaurant or wine bar that serves Tokaji wines, and share your experiences with Furmint on social media using the hashtags #InternationalFurmintDay, #FurmintDay and #FurmintFebruary.

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