World Youth Day (WFDY) Date in the current year: November 10, 2024

World Youth Day (WFDY) World Youth Day is an annual observance held on November 10. It commemorates the foundation anniversary of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). Despite being labeled as “world”, the holiday is relatively unknown in most countries.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth is an international youth organization that has been historically characterized as left-wing and anti-imperialist. It was founded on November 10, 1945 during the World Youth Conference held in London.

Shortly after, with the onset of the Cold War, the WFDY was accused by the United States of being a “Moscow front”. Many of the founding organizations quit as a result, leaving mostly communist youth and youth from socialist nations and national liberation movements.

The organization entered another crisis after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. However, the WFDY has survived the crisis and remains active. Its main event is the World Festival of Youth and Students. Originally held every two years, it now takes place at irregular intervals.

World Youth Day celebrated by the WFDY should not be confused with World Youth Day inaugurated by Pope John Paul II that coincides with Palm Sunday, or with International Youth Day established by the UN General Assembly, which is celebrated on August 12.

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