International Youth Day Date in the current year: August 12, 2024

International Youth Day International Youth Day is a holiday, that was established by the UN General Assembly in 1999 under recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth. This day is annually celebrated on August 12.

Celebration of International Youth Day raises public awareness of youth problems in the modern world. Many activities are organized to help young people find ways of solution of their cultural and legal issues.

Every year the UN chooses a special theme to celebrate the holiday. Different activities, like concerts, cultural events, workshops and meetings involving national and local government offices and youth organizations will take place around the world on this day.

Modern youth faces many problems and challenges, that become obstacles on the way of finding one's place in the world. These problems concern finding an appropriate job and salary, housing, social security and health care. International observation of this day helps raise public awareness of these problems and find their solutions.

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