World Youth Day Date in the current year: November 24, 2024

World Youth Day Youth Day is celebrated in many countries around the world on different dates, however, there is also a global event, known as World Youth Day. This observance was established by Pope John Paul II in 1985; it was originally celebrated on Palm Sunday, but in late 2020, Pope Francis moved it to the Sunday of the Feast of Christ the King.

Unlike other Youth Days, World Youth Day is not a secular observance. This holiday was initiated by Pope John Paul II, when he saw over 300,000 young people from all over the world gather in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City. This was their response to the Pope’s invitation for an International Jubilee of Youth held on Palm Sunday.

The next year Pope John Paul II announced the establishment of World Youth Day in order to celebrate and appreciate youth’s sense of values. The first official celebration of World Youth Day was held in 1986; bishops were invited to coordinate special events to be held in their dioceses.

The celebration of World Youth Day in dioceses is traditionally marked by singing national songs involving a Catholic theme, bearing national symbols and flags. Pilgrims trade national objects with each other and keep them as souvenirs from other countries.

Every three years World Youth Day is brought to the international level. Since its inception, the World Youth Day festival has been held in Vatican, Rome, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Compostela, Częstochowa, Denver, Manila, Paris, Toronto, Cologne, Sydney, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Krakow, and Panama City. It is usually held in summer and therefore doesn’t coincide with celebrations at the diocesan level.

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