National Cycling Day in the Netherlands Date in the current year: May 11, 2024

National Cycling Day in the Netherlands National Cycling Day (Landelijke Fietsdag) is an informal observance in the Netherlands celebrated annually on the second Saturday in May.

In the Netherlands, cycling is more than just a hobby. There is a real cycling culture here. Every Dutch person owns at least two bicycles. Many people use bikes to commute to work or school, but recreational cycling is very popular as well.

The country has about 32,000 kilometers of cycle paths, allowing citizens and tourists to reach places they cannot get to by car and explore the country. Cyclists have their own lanes, crossings, route signs and traffic lights.

National Cycling Day aims at celebrating Dutch cycling culture. On this day, many bicyclers go on day trips to enjoy beautiful landscape, warm weather and pleasant company. There even are online cycle route planners that can help choose the best destination.

By the way, National Cycling Day conveniently coincides with National Mills Day, so it is an excellent opportunity go on a mill bike tour and visit numerous mills that open their doors to public for the day.

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