Company Logo Design and Its Meaning

Company Logo Design and Its MeaningCompany logo is one of the most important elements in design of commercial websites because it personifies the company and makes it memorable.

As a rule, web designers use the existing company logo while creating website design. If there is no logo it can be created simultaneously with web design development. Usually creation of company logo design from scratch takes a considerable amount of time.

It is a common knowledge that all company logos split into text-based (logotype, typography) logos, icon-based (iconic, symbolic) logos and combination marks. Text-based logos are company and brand names notable for their unique font types and styles. Icon-based logos and combination marks use original icons with symbolic meaning. Most of the companies try to use unique icons, but very often icons used by different companies have common ideas and symbols.

For example, such symbols as stars, waves, flags, roads, and clocks are very frequently used in company logo design. These symbols are very recognizable, they are “well-read” by the target audience.

Flag. This symbol is associated with solemnity, victory, pride. Logo design which contains the symbol of flag is quite popular these days. Companies that use flags in their logos demonstrate that they are proud of their progress and achievements.

Star. This symbol is associated with inspiration, high ambitions and desire to win. A star may also be a symbol of hope, a guide on the unbeaten path. Quite often company logos contain more than one star.

Road. A road is a symbol of movement to a new life therefore the image of road is frequently used in logos of the companies which want to demonstrate their look into a new life, desire for changes and constant movement forward.

Wave. This symbol is identified with energy, freedom, independence. Waves are also associated with perpetual motion. The choice the image of waves is appropriate for companies that are willing to demonstrate these very qualities.

Clock. Clock is one of the most easily identifiable symbols; it is associated with the inexorable passage of time. A clock may also symbolize the time limit for accomplishment of a certain activity. That is why the image of clock is quite often used in logos of cafes, restaurants and travel agencies as if telling us that it's time to act immediately.

The above-described symbols that are used in logos are just examples of the most popular symbols. In reality the number of symbols that can be used in company logo design is huge. In order to determine the direction in which to move you should become familiar with your competitors' logos and analyze them: determine why people like or dislike certain logos, single out main symbols and understand their meaning.

However, you must not blindly copy your competitors' ideas in order to create a logo for your company and its website; logos must always reflect company's individuality, and this individuality is lost when its logo is copied. The best solution is to order professional company logo development in order to get a really unconventional and unique result.